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Chaabi Music From Al Maghrib الـمـوسـيـقـى الـشـعـبـيـة مـن الـمـغـرب

Label :   Mississippi Records ‎– MRC-009

Format :  Tape

A1    Lemchaheb  لمشاهب - Taleb الطالب       
A2    Jil Jilala   جيل جيلالة -   Liyam Tnadi    الايام تنادي  
A3    Sheika & Mohammed   
الشيخة و محمد  Alhob Asaab الحب الصعب 
A4    Rais Hmad Bizmaoun 
الرايس احمد بزمون    - Amarg Noune امارك نّون 
A5    Al Warchan 
الورشان  - The Local is a Strangerولد البلاد و غريب 
A6    Sfya Oltalwat 
صفية اوتّلوات - Ofikhad Awaadi اوفيغداد اوّاد   
A7    Nouas 
نوّاس  - Kords كردس  
A8    Achbal El Atlas   اشبال الاطلس  -  Elouassya الوصاية 
Jil Jilala جيل جيلالة  -    Laayoun Ainna  العيون عينية
A10  Kbira Bziouia 
لكبيرة بزيوية  -  Dami دامي 

B1    Nass el-Ghiwane 
ناس الغيوان Ya Bani Al Insaneيا بني الانسان
B2    L'Farka Chaabia 
الفرقة الشعبية  - Oghniat L'Haj   اغنية الحج  
B3    Jil Amrawa 
جيل عمراوة  - Allah a Sidi Rabi el-Alli الله أسيدي ربي العالي
B4    Jil Jilala
جيل جيلالة  -   Al Kouds القدس 
B5    Tajdid El Houari
تجديد الهواري    -   El Baz  الباز 
B6    Abdou el Omari  عبده العماري  - Fatine فاتن
B7    Fahoud Ahlesahar 
فهود آل السهر   - Hada Zmane Oudak Zmane  هدا زمان وذاك زمان
B8    Unknown Ensemble - Ahla Nya اهل النية - مجموعة
B9    Eddaka  الدقة   - Alef Leila Oua   Leila ألف ليلة و ليلة ألف ليلة و ليلة - الدقة


sabato 6 febbraio 2016

Nouwasse El Hamra نواس الحمراء - Waili Hjarni وايلي هجرني / Yama ya maya ياما يا مايا

Label : Koutoubiaphone ‎– KTP 1668

Format :  Vinyl 7"

Side A ) Waili Hjarni  وايلي هجرني

Side B ) Yama ya maya  ياما يا مايا


Al Warchan الورشان - Mani Hayeme ماني هايم

Label :  Koutoubiaphone ‎– KTP 1684 

Format : Vinyl  7" 

Side A )  Mani Hayeme  ماني هايم
Side B )  Mani Hayeme  ماني هايم


Tagada تڭدة - Sir Fihalek Yahad El Ould سير قحالك ياهد الولد

Label : Casaphone ‎– CSP 1454

Format : Vinyl 7" 

Side A )  Sir Fihalek Yahad El Ould   سير قحالك ياهد الولد
Side B )  Sir Fihalek Yahad El Ould   سير قحالك ياهد الولد  


Eddaka الدقة - Alef Leila Oua Leila ألف ليلة و ليلة

Label : Philips ‎– 6278078

Format : Vinyl 7"

Country : Morocco

Released : 1973 

 Side A :   Alef Leila wa  Leila ألف ليلة و ليلة   Part 1
 Side B :   Alef Leila wa  Leila ألف ليلة و ليلة   Part 2


giovedì 28 gennaio 2016

AA.VV. - Waking up Scheherazade Vol. 1 & 2

Waking Up Scheherazade is a two volume vinyl compilation of Arabian garage psych nuggets from the late 60s and early 70s, that have been hidden for many many years. The rarest of the rarest from Iran to Morocco. Some great north African and middle eastern early rock trash.

Finding a nuggets album with psychedelic tracks from the middle east and north Africa is hard. One of the reasons why we hear so little of rock examples from Middle Eastern and Arab countries is not that they do not exist, because especially in the 60s and 70s the whole world was open to modern experiments, but many of such scenes quickly closed down in many countries and were replaced by fascist or other extremely “limiting the freedom of creative expressions” Regimes. These records now, stand proud as the voice of a generation that grabbed the opportunity to create new sounds.

The music on the two compilation is not really very psychedelic, It is rather a mixture of 60s rock and pop with a Middle Eastern twist. The singing is in both English and native tongues and the quality of each track is admirable. The wide range of local instruments and the use of electric piano or keyboards is something that adds a particular flavor to it, don't expect anything over psychedelic , just some slightly eccentric early oriental rock music.

( )

AA.VV. - Waking up Scheherazade Vol. 1

A1 Sea-ders - Thanks A Lot

A2 El-Abranis - Athedjaladde -
A3 Simon C. Edwards & His Soul Set -  I Got You  

A4  Morocco -  Ela Tho
A5 Kouroush - Dil Dasa Per Mesha
A6 The Kool Kats - Step Out  

A7 Nai Bonet  - The Seventh Veil  
A8 Tony Franks & The Hippin' Souls -  Last Night
B1 The News -  From The Moon
B2 Raks  - Raks Dance
B3 Kareem Issaq & Middle Eastern Rock  - Besaha

B4 Ray Psyah  - Deep Down Inside
B5 Sea-ders - Undecidedly
B6 El-Abranis - Ayetheri A L'afjare
B7 Simon C. Edwards & His Soul Set  - The Way I Do

B8 Morocco - Opa Kukla

AA.VV. - Waking up Scheherazade Vol. 2

A1 Wrong Notes -  Vereguoi
A2 Shar 'Habeel - Dance And Cheer
A3 Abdelhadi - Tbib Ou Jarhi
A4 Feridun Foroughi -  Wals Jackie
A5 News - Tell Me
A6 Dorid Laham - Tamo Yamo
A7 Les Freres Megri - Sebar
B1 Soli - Music Negar
B2 Tony Franks And The Hippie Souls - Crazy Woman
B3 Wrong Notes -  Oriental Tunes
B4 Shar 'Habeel - El Bambi
B5 Naïma Samith - Zifaf Filfada
B6 Tony Franks And The Hippie Souls - Keep It
B7 Jo And The New Magnifici  -Sunshine

HERE Vol. 1&2

mercoledì 27 gennaio 2016

Masar مسار - El Aysh Wel Melh العيش والملح

Recorded By : Miles Jay at Makan, 1, Saad Zaghloul Street, El Dawawin, Cairo (, September 2006

Members :

Hazim Shaheen حازم شاهين : Oud 

Nawar Abbessi نوار عباسي : Piano 
Hani Bdeir هاني بدير : Perussion 
Miles Jay : Contrabass

01 Zay el moga زي الموجة
02 Nahawand نهاوند
03 Aysh عيش
04 Remal رمال
05 Zaffit Shaheed زفّة شَهيد
06 Eh El Ibara إيه العباره 

07 Rehla رحلة


lunedì 18 gennaio 2016

Malafat ملفات - Ashan Nakol عشان ناكل

Malfat is a collaborative project created by spoken word artist Aly Talibab & Dijit (pseudonym behind which hides the electronic musician Hashem L . Kelesh ). The project was born with the objective to test the interactions between sound and word. Occasionally joins the duo the spoken word artist As Dee (real name Sara el-Dayekh), whose voice was already used by Dijit in several songs for his solo project.
In 2014 the work of Malafat materialize in an album titled "Ashan Nakol". The album is a Fresh and unconventional artistic expression that aims to reflect on the life in Cairo as experience and how it is imagined.

 Malafat ملفات - Ashan Nakol عشان ناكل 

 01   مقدمة ممذوقة
 02   الرحلة رقم ٩٠
 03   جلد البقر
 04  فئران تجارب
 05  عالم بارد
 06    ميه
 07   الخامس
 08  قتلت راجل النهارده
 09 الوقت



domenica 17 gennaio 2016

PanSTARRS بان ستارز

Originally a  solo bedroom project by Egyptian musician Youssef Abouzeid, PanSTARRS began from the artist’s metaphysical crisis of “putting the why into words, when every word is a pale imitation, a mere ripple in the vast ocean of being.” In February 2013 , Abouzeid released his first EP, titled “Nothingness,” with an ambitious DIY spirit. The four-track album was singlehandedly created by Abouzeid, who cooked together his talents in songwriting, recording, and production to release one of the most unique indie rock albums in Egypt this year. It was defined by his wistful sonic vision, pensive guitar lines, and detached vocals that oscillate between plaintiveness and deep contemplation. While all the songs on the album struck an emotional chord, in the song “Gold Tears” Abouzeid’s weeping guitar slides came into their own against a backdrop of a country falling into despair.

While the album received little attention at the time, it was for Abouzeid a turning point because it led him to meeting other people and, as he describes it, “becoming another person.” His second EP titled “Yestoday “ , released in October of 2013, is the product of a collaborative process with his cousin Nader Ahmed (from the electronic duo Vent) recording and mixing the album, and Zuli (from the trip-hop duo Quit Together) mastering it. This eight-track album takes a much more philosophical approach lyrically and combines it with a sound that is on the one hand more aggressive and on the other hand more defined than Nothingness.

Recorded mostly in Ahmed’s living-room studio, the album is something of a cross between the psychedelic fuzz of Tame Impala’s Lonerism and the reverbed, industrial guitar lines and fractured dance rhythms of Deerhunter’s Monomania. Standout moments appear on the album’s opening, So Little Time, and the Arabic-closer Ayez Anam (I want to sleep).

With its reverbed bass line, drum kicks, and lyrics like “So little time, so little space,” So Little Time is emblematic of too much time spent in military-enforced confinement. The song and eight-track album as a whole succeed in not only establishing PanSTARRS as rock musicians, but also present the band’s true innovation, which is rooted in an ability to express metaphysical contemplations of time and space through the ever-present galactic sounds and noise on most of Yestoday. But it is in the album’s closing track that Abouzeid’s unguarded existential dilemmas reveal themselves to greatest affect. AyezAnam is a raw, melancholic, stream-of-consciousness Arabic number filled with soft vocal echoes, a plaintive acoustic guitar and reverbed fuzz making the perfect nihilistic soundscape for his drone-like lyrics: “An empty, empty world / Fuck this world,” and later, “All the people are dying, and I want to sleep, I want to sleep.”

Both albums reflect Abouzeid’s metaphysical search beyond the confines of time and rules. Much of his work questions the things we hold as true, and Abouzeid himself does not believe there is anything true in the absolute. He would rather live in the abstract, not defining things — having the listeners come up with their own ideas about this music.

“I like to play music by myself, there is no one I really want to play with and no one I really want to be like,” he explained in 2013. “Any music I can’t relate to I reject. I like anything real, anything that sounds real. The truthfulness of music is very subjective. Anything that allows me to perceive my own ideas, I like. I like music that is loud, that is vague, because it allows me to imagine it in the way I want.”

The new PanSTARRS EP , titled ” Ghaby Ghaby Ghaby “ released in October of 2015 , takes a slight eerie turn towards dark, measured beats, heavy synth bass lines and, crisp guitar riffs. Youssef Abouzeid’s vivid and somewhat controversial, witty Arabic lyrics give off a sense of bleak ambiance to their sound and perspective, and it feels unconventionally brilliant to be able to decipher every word. Nothing short of interesting though; all the bits and pieces put together create an aesthetically dark product blistered by social awareness, existentialist introspection, navel-gazing and passive aggression all powered by state-of-the-art musical elements that probably trace back to 1980s Electronic Rock/Synth Pop era only cradled with unprocessed innovation and a false sense of retirement.

PanSTARRS is gaining more and more listeners with each album and each show, even still, it remains within the indie rock niche. While many musician would be disheartened by this, Abouzeid is unaffected by it. PanSTARRS is his baby and he won’t compromise on the music — even if it means not reaching a wider sector of audience. He is resigned to the fact that most Egyptians won’t get it, so, for him the music is as much about his enjoyment and his creativity as anything else.

In any case, Abouzeid’s head is elsewhere. With changes to the band’s lineup due to study, work and army duties, the music is bound to take another turn in the near future. The lack of consistent musicians usually ends projects and bands, but for Abouzeid each change is another phase of development. His music, he says, is like having a child: With each phase it develops and matures and becomes something new and interesting.

PanSTARRS are constantly supporting local and international underground artists on Facebook where they’re up to date with every new release from any artists they appreciate, so you can head to their page and have a listen and compare quality stuff, Egyptian or other, that’s worth promoting, to the mediocre nonsense we blindly support in the country. Abouzeid is also part of another project called Shlomo Casio, as well as once being part of a band called Manzouma with Ali Talibab who does spoken word.

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PanSTARRS بان ستارز - Nothingness EP


01 Morning Drive
02 Home Is Now
03 Lust
04 Gold Tears


PanSTARRS بان ستارز - Yestoday

01 So Little Time

02 Fools
03 Pink Trees
04 For Yanni (Kossom Yanni)
05 Off Love
06 In Bed
07 Please
08 Ayez Anam


PanSTARRS بان ستارز - Ghaby Ghaby Ghaby 

01 Khally Balak Hatmoot

02 Men Gheir Wa7da
03 Tortit Naml
04 Sahla Ya Khaifa
05 7omar 3ala 7osan



Arab tunes mixtape # 31 - So you say there is no arabic experimental music ?!! Vol.7 / The Maghreb scene

Front cover by Zoulikha Bouabdellah

A look at the electronic and avant-garde scene of Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia.

Arab tunes mixtape # 31 - So you say there is no arabic experimental music ?!! Vol.7 / The Maghreb scene

01 Raba7 - Hasby Allah  (Algeria)
02 Deena Abdelwahed - Sirtan (Tunisia)
03 Afrikence - Makam mokamkam  (Morocco)
04 Ynfl-x - Mal-3-oun
05 Half A Moment - Schants  (Morocco)
06 Lakadjina - The king frog is dead (Tunisia)
07 Afrikence - Out Of Memory in Sarab (Morocco) 
08 Hohner comet - No name (from Koulouna Gaza)  (Algeria) 
09 Mehdi Halib - OrienTales (Morocco)
10 Hayej - Bindir and Bass (Tunisia) 
11 Souk El Guerillas - I Don't Speak Arabic (Algeria) 
12 Heart Burnt To Ashes - All Shall Perish All Shall Die All Shall Perish 
13 Afrikence - Zzz by Afrikence (Morocco)
14 Ynfl-x -Hybris (Tunisia) 
15 Lost Pattern - SoftDrill (Morocco) 
16 Lakadjina - Starry Night (Original Mix) (Tunisia) 
17 Nihil Humanum - M Punis   (Algeria)
18 Deena Abdelwahed - #5#5#5  (Tunisia)